Magnetic Assemblies & Devices

Magnetic Assemblies/Device

Name Badge Magnets

Our name tag magnets are reusable and flexible, one piece is plastic with two or three high quality magnets, another piece is stainless steel plate with double side adhesive. The magnetic name badge holders, very easy stick and peel self-adhesive on the back of badge holder, will not harm your clothing, and badge holders with strong neodymium magnets, so badge holders can be used many times.

Round Base Magnets

Pot Magnet has a powerful neodymium & Ceramic Magnet ring, suitable for high strength and general purpose holding applications. The steel parts (steel cover) in a durable nikle or Zinc plating with a mounting hole in the center. Neodymium Pot &Cup magnet has high pull strength, can lift from 1.4kgs to 155kgs. Neodymium Mounting Magnet,maximum operating temperature are +80℃ ~ 150℃. ...

Magnetic Parts Tray

Stainless steel magnetic parts tray, heavy duty 1200 Gauss permanent magnet. Ideal for holding nut, screw, bolts, key,small metal objects. Magnetic bowl with black rubber bottom to help prevent scuffing scratching.Magnetic parts holder has of strong magnetic pull strength, can keep small metal object or fasterners near your work area while small parts put.

Magnetic Pick Up Tool

 Magnetic pickup tool can be supplied in different type, flexible magnetic pick up tool, mirror pick up tool, Telescopic magnetic pick up tool, Lighted pick up too, and handle pick up tool.Mirror Magnetic pick up tool, ideal for picking up metal objects, nail, nuts, hardware, small metal piece at darkened areas, flexible areas. You can adjust mirror pickup to any angle and firmly hold its position, easy storage and portability

Magnetic Clips

Plastic Magnetic Clips Powerful Magnetic Memo Clips contains powerful magnets. Easily post it on your refrigerator or any metal surface. Ideal for keeping lists, memos, letters document paper We offer a variety of magnetic clips for you to imprint with your logo or text.These products have been many companies as a business gift as well as various promotional products to use.. Also the magnetic clips can be used for office supplies.Pack...

Lifting Magnets

Permanent Magnetic lifter for the movement of steel plate and blocks. Lifting capacities up to 6000 kgs, provide a quick, cost effective solution for lifting metal plate, metal sheet,and ferrous metal parts. lift thin plate from 5mm to 35mm, do not need power supply.    Magnet lifter can be moved and handled safely, easy operation facilitated with on/off system

Magnetic Chucks

Magnetic Chucks are used to hold workpieces for grinding, cutting, milling and lapping purposes. especially in the machining industry, is created with permanent magnets, electromagnets or combination of both.Permanent magnetic chuck, no electrical power is needed, and production cost will be saved greatly. Used to hold workpiece on lathes and internal for grinding, milling, lapping andcutting process.Powerful Permanent MagnetsHigh preci...

Magnetic Welding Holder

Welding holder magnet can be supplied at angle of , 45°, 90°,135° . Arrow welding holder holds iron and steel parts           Use for holding 2pieces of metal to weld magnets.Can be used as a double sided holder for welding and assembly work. 

Powerful Magnetic Tool Holder

Permanent Magnetic tool holder for holding and organizing small or large tools and metal tools. Length 13” and 24”, hold up to 20lbs. Also magnetic holder or called magnetic knife rack , can be placed kitchen counter space, refrigerator, keep your kitchen and work space clear.

Plastic Mini Ice Scraper

Mini Ice Scraper, made of plastic, easily handle, scrape away the ice and snow. ideas for keeping in your car, wallet, handbag, always available in an emergency. Different color and dimension can be supplied according to customer’s requirement.