Common Applications of Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite Magnet are widely used in different field, due to the ferrite magnets has low cost,High energy, Excellent resistance to demagnetization.

◈ DC Brusheless Motor, Generator, Security systems
◈ Loudspeaker,  Stero System, Brakes,
◈ Magnetic coupling, Magnetic Separator  
◈ Art & Craft, Education toys, Office supplies
◈ Medial Instruments, Magnetic therapy
◈Lifting equipment, Magnetic Sweeper
◈ Mining equipment. relays,
◈ Knife Rack, Pick-up tool
◈ Speaker magnets
◈ DC brush less motors


Ferrite Magnets have the characteristics of:
☉Low cost, widely used in many different applications.
☉Satable magnetic property with strong demagnetization resistance capability
☉Hight coercivity (do not lose their magnetic properties easily)