Soft Ferrite Cores Material

Nov 20, 2014

Something About Soft Magnetic Ferrite Material

Soft magnetic ferrite material is ferrimagnetic oxide containing Fe2O3 as a main component, production by powder metallurgy method. Due to the very low coercive force, soft magnetic materials can be repeatedly magnetized in the magnetic field, and when the external electric field is removed, the magnetism of soft magnetic materials will be removed after all or most disappear.

Application of soft magnetic materials in the industry began in the late nineteenth Century, and it was accompanied by a rise of electric power and telecommunication technology.

Soft magnetic material is not only applied in the field of home appliances, information technology, automotive field and other related fields, but also widely used as the main raw material for the production of electronic components. In recent years, the market demand is increasing year by year, and the variety of products is also increasing, which has become a bright point in the development of magnetic materials industry.