Three Major Characteristics Of Rubber Magnet

Nov 25, 2014

Rubber magnet is a kind of material with great magnetic force, and in today's society, the magnetic force belongs to intangible resources, which is the main power of many products, such as some magnetic sucker. And here are three characteristics of rubber magnet.

The first characteristic is the flexibility. Different from the general magnetic materials rubber magnet has good flexibility, so it can be arbitrary remolded so as to meet a wide range of uses.

The second characteristic is the durability. Rubber magnet has strong magnetic force, and what is much more important is that it can keep this magnetic force over a long period of time without interference of the external environment. So it has been welcomed by the vast number of consumers.

The third characteristic is the fire resistance. With people's safety consciousness deepen, now the first condition of the product is safety. And the fire resistance of magnetic rubber makes it applied more widely.

Above are three characteristics of rubber magnet. Of course it has advantages more than these, and high-quality rubber magnetic can bring many benefits and convenience to us.