The Magnetic Label

Dec 23, 2014

Labels are used as the positioning tool to mark the classification or the content of your goals, for yourself and others to find their own goals easily. And the magnetic label is a kind of label in the modern warehouse management system, which is also called the Magnetic plate, magnetic materials card or the magnetic storage card. This kind of labels showing the items of information can be adsorbed on the document frame, the bookshelf, or the products shelves by its magnetism, and they can be usually seen in the shopping malls, document room, library, warehouse and other places.

The advantage that the magnetic labels can be adsorbed on the shelf, bookshelf, and document frame is helpful to archive management information visualization in the warehouse, library, and other places, and the efficiency of the management work will be directly improved. In addition, the information on it can be filled out and replaced at any time according to the actual needs of users, and because it is relying on the magnetic surface adsorption, so its position can be changed freely, which is very convenient and quick.