Various Lifting Magnets

Jun 6, 2014

      Lifting magnetis a creative invention, now is widely used in industrial and manufacturing field. Our company now has four lifting magnets: Magnetic plate lifter, Industrial lifting magnets and Permanent magnetic lifter First of all, Magnetic Plate Lifter is a strong permanent lifting magnet. It is made of rare earth magnet and it can support rated lifting capacity: 100~6000kg. What’s more, max lifting capacity can reach 300~18000kg. Our advantages are compact design, ideal for round and flat material, high lift toits weight ratio, easy and quick to operate through system and enhancing plant safety. Secondly, permanent magnetic lifter for hoisting, and it material is rare earth magnet. It has strong magnetic path which is controlled by turning the manual handle. The lifters have the features of strong attraction, smaller volume, lighter weight, powerful lifting effort, easy and safe to operate, long-period effort and without power supply.

      Thirdly, rated lifting capacity’s range of manual lifting magnet is 100~5000kg. The max lifting capacity’ range is 350~17500kg and the dimension length’s range is92~647kg. Strong attraction of the machine gives this tool a powerful lifting ability while it’s small size and light weight makes it easy and safe to operate. Last but not least, strong magnetic plate lifter, it has the biggest range of rated lifting capacity: 300~6000kg. In conclusion, we have a variety of efficient lifting magnets, for customers to choose.