Flexible Magnetic Tape

  • Material : Flexible & Rubber Magnet
  • Shape of magnet : Strip
  • Colour : White
  • Laminate : Self-adhesive tape
  • Width : 25.0mm
  • Thickness: 0.8mm
  • Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
  • Operating Temp(Max).: -20 ~ 80℃ (176℉)
  • Density: 3.70g/cm3
  • Magnetized Direction: Magnetized on the dark brown side.
  • Application:Ideal for office & warehouse labelling, and other industrial applications
  • Other size and color are available on request.
Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape 25mm x 0.8mm x 30m

Grade of Flexible Magnet

Magnetic Properties of Flexible Magnet
GradeRemanence  (Br)Coercivity  (bHc)Intrinsic Coercivity (jHc)Max Energy  (BH max)
 mTGs KA/mOe KA/mOeKJ/m3 MGOe
Flexible 01140-1551400-155090-1201125-150013016254.0-5.60.5-0.7
Flexible 02160-1851600-1850120-1401500-175015018755.6-7.00.7-0.89
Flexible 03200-2102000-2100145181216020008.0-9.61.0-1.2
Flexible 04230-2452300-24501602000175218810.0 - 11.01.25-1.39
Flexible 05250 - 2602500-26001602000182227511.2 - 12.81.40-1.51

Dimension Range of Magnetic Strip
Length :  15meter or 30meter per roll
Width  :   5.0mm ~ 70mm
Thickness :  0.6mm ~ 3.0mm

Laminates of Magnetic Strip

Suface treatment of magnetic sheeting usually used are vinyl and self-adhesive tape
Plain (no laminate)
White matt ( gloss) vinyl
Coloured matt(gloss)vinyl
Inddor & outdoor adhesive
Foam backing
Other laminate available on request

Tolerance of Magnetic Strip
Standard tolerance : +/-0.1mm  (±0.004” )
Thickness :  +/-0.05mm
Also stricter tolerance are possible if specially requested.

Packaging and Delivery  
Packaging:  Neutral box packaging, foam inside and other protection, to ensure safely of transportation.
Delivery time: 8 ~ 20days, depend on customer’s order quantity.

How to order
1.Dimention of Magnet Strip?
2.Laminate of Magnetic Strip ?
Plain(no laminate),  PVC or Adhesive
3.Quantity what you need ?
Piece or Roll
4.Colors of magnetic Strip?
Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink, White and Brown.
5.What’s the product used for ?  Indoor or outdoor ?