Square Fridge Magnet

  • Material : Flexible & Rubber Magnet
  • Shape of magnet : Square
  • Colour : Colored
  • Length : 50mm
  • Width : 50mm
  • Thick : 3.0mm
  • Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
  • Laminate : Epoxy resin
  • Density: 3.70g/cm3
  • Operating Temp(Max).: -20 ~ 80℃ (176℉)
  • Magnetized Direction: Magnetized on the back side.
  • Application:Ideal for souvenir, Promotional gift, Advertising.
  • Other size and Shape can be supplied as per customer’s requirement.
Refrigerator Magnets  50mm x 50mm x 3mm

Grade of Flexible Magnet
Magnetic Properties of Flexible Magnet
GradeRemanence  (Br)Coercivity  (bHc)Intrinsic Coercivity (jHc)Max Energy  (BH max)
 mTGs KA/mOe KA/mOeKJ/m3 MGOe
Flexible 01140-1551400-155090-1201125-150013016254.0-5.60.5-0.7
Flexible 02160-1851600-1850120-1401500-175015018755.6-7.00.7-0.89
Flexible 03200-2102000-2100145181216020008.0-9.61.0-1.2
Flexible 04230-2452300-24501602000175218810.0 - 11.01.25-1.39
Flexible 05250 - 2602500-26001602000182227511.2 - 12.81.40-1.51

Dimension of Fridge Magnet
Dimension :  as requested
Shape    :  Square, Rectangular, Round, Other shapes.

Printing of Fridge Magnet   
Full color or as requested
Artwork requirement: 300dpi at least, PDF, JPG format

Tolerance of Magnetic label holder
Standard tolerance : +/-0.1mm  
Also stricter tolerance are possible if specially requested.

Packaging and Delivery  
Packaging:  Neutral box packaging, foam inside and other protection, to ensure
safely of transportation.
Delivery time: 8 ~ 20days, depend on customer’s order quantity.

How to order
1.Dimention of Fridge magnet
2.Laminate of Fridge Magnet PVC, Epoxy resin, Tin, Wooden, Foam, Ceramic and other material.
3.Quantity what you need
4.Color of Fridge magnet
Full color, and others.
5.Artwork & Design
Artwork requirement: 300dpi  at least, PDF, JPG format
6.Special packing require if any.